This is your entry point to Safe as a developer platform. These are a few resources to get you started and provide some ideas on what has been built in the past, what could be built, and how we would like to see Safe expanded in the future. We are also preparing a $1M grants program for 2023 to support teams growing their projects beyond the hackathon.

📚 Learning Materials:

  1. Get inspiration from ‣ and 💡 Hackathon Ideas
  2. Read Account Abstraction is NOT coming - It’s already here!
  3. Read Safe Docs and Resources
  4. Watch 📺 Workshops

📺 Workshops

Safe{Core} Protocol

Safe{Core} SDK

Account Abstraction / Hybrid Custody Primer

🏆 Hackathon Winners

Hackathon projects built on Safe that collectively won over $100k in prizes:

Hackathon Winners

🤔 Why build on Safe?

**Account abstraction is coming (!)** and we believe that multi-signature wallets are just the tip of what smart contract accounts will unlock. Safe provides a composable Protocol to build smart contract wallets with an extensive set of tools, SDKs, public indexer endpoints. As the most battle-tested smart contract account (established 2018 and securing over $40B on Ethereum Mainnet alone), Safe will become the shelling point of the account abstraction initiatives.