This is your entry point to Safe as a developer platform. These are a few resources to get you started and provide some ideas on what has been built in the past, what could be built, and how we would like to see Safe expanded in the future.

πŸ“šΒ Learning Materials:

Safe Modding 101

Intro to Safe Core SDK

πŸ†Β Past Projects and Winners

Here are some of the hackathon projects that built on Safe and won over $100k in prizes collectively:

n00b wallet - More info HERE

Send NFTs and airdrops to anyone on the internet, no wallet required. 🌎 A non-custodial smart contract "n00b wallet" is created for them automatically, tied to their social media action required. Onboard mainstream users into Web3! 🎁

Supersig - More info HERE

This project allows users to deploy a private multisig wallet. The multisig is designed to keep all proposals and approvals on-chain while ensuring the actual proposed transaction remains hidden until it's executed, even from the multisig wallet provider service itself.

SubKey - More info HERE

SubKey proposes a new model in key management for DeFi, tokens (NFT, ERC20), etc. Share fine grained access to some of your assets to other accounts or apps and let them run transactions on your behalf.

Safenode - More info HERE

Welcome to Safenode, a layer of trust in a trustless environment. It’s simple. Users simply add it as their RPC and block explorer in their wallet.