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1️⃣ Safe Grants Program 2️⃣ LongHash x Safe AAccelerator 3️⃣ Safe{DAO}: Outcome-based resource allocation (OBRA)


1️⃣ Safe Grants Program

Safe Grants Program aims to grow a thriving community by funding ideas, projects and integrations; supporting the decentralised growth and sustainability of the Safe ecosystem.

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Safe Grants Program: Wave 1

From August to September 2023, a total of 120 applications rolled in, across our pre-defined categories of BuildGrowthResearch, and Govern.

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Out of these 120 proposals, 39 proposals made it to the Final Review, and a further final 21 proposals were accepted and funded, with an acceptance rate of 17.5%. A total of $500,000 was funded for Wave 1 of the Safe Grants Program.

Safe Grants Program: Wave 1 Blog Posts

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